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Karla Wheelock

Dear friend,

My name is Karla Wheelock and welcome to this website. I’m pretty sure that many of you are wondering: what makes confident people tick?

Truth be told, I didn’t always have the confidence to pursue the things I wanted in life. Being a female mountaineer, believe me – I experienced a lot of setbacks in my time.

The passion of climbing mountains is always more than just a physical endeavor, each time. So much preparation goes into just one journey and one climb that in time, my experiences have helped me become the best version of myself!

The best version of myself? What does that mean?

In my case, to be a not ordinary human being was to overcome my personal limitations and developing sterling confidence, so I can finally, FINALLY pursue my dreams without having to take a second glance. To be able to steer into the eye of the storm was not something that I developed overnight… And I had to go through a learning curve to reach where I am now.

Everybody can be a the best version of themselves!

People often tell us to “stick to the program” and to “keep our heads down” but in my case, that is exactly what I didn’t want to do. Being a woman, the world had slightly different expectations of me as a…

- Lawyer

- Mother

- Mountaineer

- Conferencist

The world’s expectations are not my own.

I decided to create my own path as a lawyer, mother and mountaineer. To date, I have accomplished the following:

I. SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS – My feats as a mountaineer have allowed me to commune with nature and the world in ways that I could only dream of in the past. I attribute this feat to my confidence as an individual, in bearing down on my fears no matter how big they may seem in the beginning.

II. MY PASSIONS UNLEASHED – I have succeeded in climbing the Seven Summits of the world, including Mount Everest. Each time I set out to accomplish something, I do so with courage and inner strength, two things that are absolutely necessary if you want to become successful as an individual in any field.

III. INNER GUIDANCE ACHIEVED – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know exactly what you want and have the courage to get it? I know this can be quite difficult to some, but believe me, your Inner Guidance System, which is informed by your values and beliefs as a person has a lot to do with this.

True Confidence Unlocks the World For You.


Why People Don’t Have Enough Confidence:

I. NEGATIVE BELIEFS – Their beliefs are nowhere near where they should. A person’s beliefs should be positive and constructive at the same time. Each person is given a ‘basket’ in life that is then filled with beliefs. What’s in your basket? What do you believe in?

If you can’t answer these questions yet, don’t worry! Later on I’m going to show you something fantastic and will enable you to understand what needs to be done to develop the right kinds of beliefs for confidence and ultimate success.

II. NEGATIVE VALUES – A person’s values say a lot about what he/she will pursue in life. In general terms, one’s values affect decision-making, thought patterns, etc.

Values work hand in hand with beliefs and are developed over time. However, one’s values don’t always contribute to confidence. There are instances when old values become a hindrance to personal development and confidence, too.

Much of what you perceive to be part of your identity is actually influenced by your values. How well do you know your values? How well do you know your identity as a person?

When a person’s value contradict the path to personal growth and success, things begin to make a turn for the worst: things don’t get done, fear gets in the way of trying out new things, etc. In short, a person’s values

III. NO SELF-ENRICHMENT – Confidence in oneself and in one’s abilities takes time to develop. You have to plant the seed, nurture it and let it grow in your life until it takes on a life of its own. Confidence changes everything. It levels the playing field and allows newly confident people to pursue their dreams without fear or anxiety.

The nurturing side involves self-enrichment. Self-enrichment happens when a person becomes engaged not only in important tasks and responsibilities, but also in important endeavors that help develop not only talents and skills but also one’s belief in oneself. This is a critical junction in the development of self-confidence and one that must never be ignored.

IV. CRUMBLY FOUNDATION – A confident personality is built on top of a solid base or foundation. What is your foundation for confidence? How does a person go about creating this all-important foundation? There is a step by step process involved in the creation of this foundation and I’m ready to share it with you.

If you want a solid base for confidence-building and beating back fears and anxieties, let me introduce you to my first ever program for every man and woman who has ever wanted more confidence in their lives:

Confidence to Development Potential

Confidence to Development Potential is a powerful program tailored to provide a phase by phase approach to developing confidence in anyone at any age. You don’t have to be a professional or expert at anything to develop life-changing confidence.

You don’t have to be on top of your game to improve how you perceive yourself and how you imagine yourself in the future. All of the powerful changes that you’ve always wanted in your life will begin the moment you understand how confidence is central to everything that you do.

Here’s what happens when a person doesn’t have enough confidence:

1. There is constant fear of failure when a new opportunity comes up.

2. There is anxiety that one will not be successful, despite one’s natural skills and talents.

3. There are frequent thoughts of poor performance that are usually based solely on fear – and you don’t know where the fear is coming from.

4. There is always an apprehensive feeling even when you succeed at something.

What’s Inside?

Here is a SNEAK PEAK of just some of the things that you will be learning in the program.

· The GENUINE definition of confidence – one that you can use immediately to begin laying down the track for personal change.

· The single biggest ISSUE that is preventing people from developing confidence in their lives.

· MY STORY and how confidence played a crucial role in my life as a mountaineer, lawyer and mother.

· The COORDINATES of confidence – where it is, why it matters and how you’re going to get it.

· How confidence affects how you relate to PEOPLE AROUND YOU. If you’ve ever felt that something was holding you back when working with others, it’s time to resolve that issue.

· How to improve GROUP RESULTS when working with several other individuals in a given endeavor.

· How to EMPOWER yourself (as a woman or man) and others who need a confidence boost.

· Discover the TRUTH about women’s identity and popular culture and how it all affects society’s expectations of both men and women.

· How to perform the GREAT SHIFT that will take you from a plane of low expectations to a place of great deeds and accomplishments.

· Why CRITICISM is actually a good thing and how you can use it not to weaken your position as an independent mover or participant, but to use it to maximize your power as an individual in any situation.

· The IMPACT of comparing yourself with others and why you should avoid this harmful habit.

Karla Wheelock

· What you need to develop undeniable FLAIR in everything that you do.

· How to be TRULY PREPARED – whatever your endeavors may be.

· How to MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS like a pro. This is especially useful for individuals who are unable to separate themselves from fear when they are about to make amazing breakthroughs.

· How to CREATE new horizons by outlasting personal limitations and boundaries that you’ve set for yourself. When was the last time that you braved a ‘new world’ in search for passion and satisfaction? I’ll show you how!

· Understand why ‘ASKING PERMISSION is harming you and preventing you from pursuing what you truly want in life.

· The importance of SELF-ESTEEM and how it contributes to the development of confidence in the long term.

· How to effectively PROJECT POWER to others so that they would begin seeing you as a natural leader, an authority figure – someone that they can trust and believe.

· One simple method of BREAKING DOWN BAD LOGICS so you can see the truth in situations, beliefs and values with little or no difficulty.

· The glorious path of SELF-MOTIVATION that you can use again and again to build positivity and personal power into your life. Never again will you feel that you are powerless and that you do not have the right kind of control over the circumstances in your life.

· How to strike a firm BALANCE in your life for a quick turn-around that will make change possible.

· How to defeat the FEAR OF CHANGE and a clear explanation of why people fear it in the first place.

· Discover how you can begin APPRECIATING not only yourself but your particular resources, talents and skills that you can then use to make your life better.

· Learn how easy it is to engage in POSITIVE THINKING not only to mitigate the effects of negative emotions but also to position yourself in such a way that you will be ready to formulate SOLUTIONS quickly and effectively.

· Integrate PEACE and MINDFULNESS into your daily routine. When was the last time that your mind felt at peace with the world? When was the last time that you didn’t worry so much about the past and the future? Let me teach you how you can achieve inner equilibrium the best ways possible!


Confidence to Development Potential also comes with its very own WORKBOOK.

My workbook is geared towards helping you achieve deeper understanding of the actions that you have to take to develop your confidence effectively.

Inside you will discover:

· How to find your focus as an individual.

· The importance of baseline states and crisis states and how these relate to your success as an individual.

· How to determine your individual goals and target outcomes.

· How to utilize your natural creativity to reach milestones and goals

· How to create powerful, doable plans that you can cast anytime.

· How to prioritize “in reverse” so you won’t be overwhelmed by the process.

· And we’re just getting started!

Yes Karla, Give me 100% Instant Access to the Confidence to Development Potential System Right Now!



The Confidence to Development Potential System wouldn’t be complete without my TWO EXTRA SPECIAL REPORTS.

These are supplementary readings that come with the system ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE.


CONFIDENCE CODES by Karla Wheelock

Designed as a companion volume to the full-length system, Confidence Codes contains important lessons on building confidence from scratch.

It’s time to discover how you can:

- Improve your overall motivation and vitality in life.

- Create a renewed “recharge zone” that you can use whenever your energy is lagging and you can’t seem to pick up from where you left.

- How you can finally prioritize your personal happiness and not feel guilty about it. Think: our happiness is always deprioritized because of our commitments in life. Why do we have to suffer from this any further? Why not take control of the situation so that your happiness becomes your number one priority?

- Flip the switch that is constantly activating stress, anger and frustration in your life. You would be hard-pressed to pursue anything encourage and worthwhile if your mind is constantly bombarded by negativity. It’s time that we put an end to those harsh cycles and replaced them with something more productive and worthy of your time and energy.

- Tap into the power of positivity the easy way! Much of the negativity that we feel in our daily lives is actually rooted in relationships that we choose to keep for ourselves, thinking that we can’t let go of them. Well, let me be the first person to tell you this – you can let go of harmful relationships so you can begin renewing your life. I’ll show you how in this report.

- Start loving yourself more. Contrary to common belief, loving oneself should be a continuous program where you don’t let up expressing and feeling GENUINE LOVE for the most important person in the Universe, and that person is YOU.

- And we’re just getting started!


GET CONFIDENT! By Karla Wheelock

Get Confident! is another striking companion to the main program and tackles a wide variety of “you-centered” issues in ways that you didn’t thought was possible. Take a peek at what’s inside!

- How to deal with EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE and learn how it harms us all if we don’t let go of the heavy load it places on the heart and mind.

- The effects of negative experiences and negative payload that they all carry and how you can enhance your life after managing them.

- Learn how to integrate ACCEPTANCE and MOVING ON from bad life events. Let’s face it: we all go through failures and other painful events but not everyone knows how to free themselves from the binds that cause anxiety, sadness and frustration.

- Discover the truth behind ASSUMPTIONS and why they have a tendency to hijack your happiness, creativity and drive to become a successful and productive individual.

- Protect yourself from the BREAKING POINT and find out what you can do determine if you are nearing this precipice in life and what to do about it. The breaking point is a serious matter and whenever people go over this point without any plans of recovering, that’s when the real damage is done to one’s identity and confidence. Don’t let this happen to you!

- Harness your INNER WISDOM and SPIRITUAL ENERGIES easily and simply. Many people think that the spiritual aspect of life is complicated and would require the rejection of so many things. This isn’t true at all! Being a spiritual person can be easy and stress-free, as it always should be.

- And much more!

​Now available for only $ 14.99



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